Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We had a nice week at family camp last week. I came home thinking, "Good. I'm still pregnant." I reached 36 weeks at camp so it wasn't like my due date was hovering, but I knew it was possible. Kade came four and a half weeks early but it wasn't because I was in labor. He was in distress. That fact has kept me intently aware of the baby's movements. Thankfully, I had so much baby activity at camp, I really never got worried. The week before I did have two non-stress tests because I felt like baby's activity had diminshed greatly. Everything was fine though!!

This week has been spent doing lots and lots of camp laundry which I'm glad to say is finally done. I climbed up into the attic today and found our infant carrier and washed the insert. I set up our pack and play bassinet, started packing my hospital bag and did a few other weird things like bleach and wash out our trash cans, mop the floor, tell Levi why he should never, ever eat bird poop again, eat chocolate chips and peanut butter for a snack, and tried to take a nap.

I'm uncomfortable sleeping and other various pains are showing up, but I'm still treasuring the last few weeks of this pregancy, knowing it's our last one. I wanted to do some maternity photos but that hasn't happened yet. Levi is starting to talk a lot about this baby and what he's going to do...like share his puzzle and hold him. Kade still pulls up his shirt and points to his belly saying, "baby."

DJ and I laugh at all the comments we get when out and about. I've had people stop their car in the parking lot saying, "Is this one a girl?" (I'm usually doing errands with just the 3 boys so everyone wonders if this one's a girl). I get asked, "Are they all yours?" And lots of, "Wow. You have your hands full." The biggest question is always about having a girl though. You know, I'm really expecting to have another boy. But as I got out a few girl clothes today, I couldn't help but think a girl would be nice. She'd certainly have a chance to be a tomboy though!! With a toad and two frogs found today, bird poop eating, train playing constantly, and boy wrestling, she'd be in for a lot of fun! :) I love my little boys. And I'm so thankful for my big girls. Kalai and Malia are the only ones home right now and we've had a few fun moments hearing their stories about teen camp. They are also especially aware of being extra helpful lately. I do walk funny sometimes and they notice it.

We'll be on our own this weekend as Kent has a fund-raiser bike ride for camp. I'm hoping to put a few casseroles away in the freezer, scrapbook a bit, and get some good night's sleep (although I usually do pretty bad at that when Kent's gone).

In the meantime, we've got quite the interesting situation on our hands. Baby is due the 12th. Alyssa's class up north ends the 12th and she has to get down here. Alyssa is going to try to get her license on the 13th. Alyssa has to be back at school on the 16th. She also has a car that has to get there. Tana needs to be at school a week later. So we're trying to plan...when does Kent go. Does he go with Alyssa and take Tana early? Does he fly Alyssa down and take the car with Tana a week later? Do we send the girls off together? And it all depends on when baby comes. Only, we can't plan ahead because we just don't know. It's actually kind of funny thinking about how crazy this has all gotten. :) Our one solution...we've picked a date, August 5th, to be exact. We're going to try all the stuff that supposedly gets babies to start the whole deal. My mouth is already watering at the spicy food we'll get to try. I'm sure we'll be riding bikes on our date and my whole day will be spent doing housework or walking or something like that! ;)

I don't like posting without pictures, but they'll have to wait. Tomorrow we're off on an adventure to Chutes and Ladders park!

Good night!


All in a Day said...

You had me scared with your title of the post!

Christy said...

Whoops! I totally didn't think about how that would sound. :) I think I might change it, because I'm not really looking for shock effect!